From Matzah to Mindful:

A Soulful Nutrition and Spiritual Renewal Experience


Passover with Personal Purpose

Would you like to use the 8 days of Passover to create
healthy habits and nourishing rituals in your life?


WHEN: Sunday April 13th – April 24th


From Matzah to Mindful is a
healthy 8-day experience

that will open the door to:

  • A delicious healthy Passover, free of packaged processed foods.
  • Traditional Jewish and mindful practices that nourish the mind and soul.
  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • A faster metabolism
  • Oodles of healthy Passover recipes
  • A strife-free relationship with your food
  • A more positive relationship with your body
  • A more meaningful and personal experience of Passover

Cutting edge research about the mind-body connection is showing us that it’s not just what we eat, but how we eat that allows us to feel our best.

Bringing mindful and soulful practices to the table boosts our metabolism and calorie burning power, and helps us create deeper meaning and connection in our lives.

From Matzah to Mindful: 8 days of Soulful Nutrition and
Spiritual Renewal jumps right into the intersection of


as well as


From Matzah to Mindful is for you if…

  • You’re done with all the processed packaged food that Passover brings into your house and your body
  • You want Passover to have a more powerful impact on your life besides just being a time that you eat matzah
  • You’re ready to explore a true “Freedom” based relationship with food versus a “restrictive/slavery” based relationship with food
  • You know that you feel better when you eat better
  • You’re curious how it would feel to be gluten-free for 8 days.
  • You would like to step into spring feeling refreshed and revitalized
  • You want to connect to a vibrant group of soulful women
  • You want to work with coaches that get that it’s not just what we eat that’s important, it’s also about how we eat, why we eat and how we feel about our food, our body, and our soul


From Matzah to Mindful:

It isn’t a diet…

But we will step into healthy eating habits. We’ll be focusing on healthy fresh foods, versus packaged and processed foods.

It isn’t a detox…

We’re not jumping into a full-tilt elimination diet, however, since it is Passover we will be eliminating bread. In fact, we’re going to take it one step further and eliminate the matzah (gasp – it’s true, we’ll be having Passover without matzah!) and all foods containing gluten.

Research suggests that Jews (especially Eastern European Jews) have a higher tendency to be sensitive to gluten. Stepping off of gluten often has a dramatic health impact – more energy, better digestion, reduced inflammation, and clearer thinking.

For sure it can seem daunting to go gluten-free if you never have, but honestly, you’ll love the healthy recipes I’ve got for you. You won’t feel deprived on bit.

It’s not JUST about food, and it’s not JUST about mindful practices.

From Matzah to Mindful steps you firmly into the intersection of soulful nutrition and spiritual renewal.



In case you haven’t met us yet:

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 8.34.04 PMNina Manolson, M.A. is a Certified Health Coach and Psychology of Eating Coach. She is the founder of Nourished Woman Nation. Nina’s passion is helping busy women who are great at taking care of everyone and everything else, tune back in to themselves, so that they feel energetic and in love with their body and life. Nina has been helping women reclaim their bodies for over 20 years in the Health and Wellness field.


Karen schachterKaren Schachter is a licensed clinical social worker, certified health counselor, and founder of Dishing With Your Daughter. Karen believes that each of us deserve to feel nourished, joyful and at peace with food and in our lives. She helps women and girls to value themselves, tune into their intuition and nourish their bodies, minds and spirits. Karen combines her understanding of emotional issues with her nutrition knowledge to help clients make real, long-lasting changes in their lives.


Nina and Karen are so supportive and responsive. They do not shy away from sharing their personal experiences relative to the material they are teaching. I enjoy how genuine they are – it’s like have your own two cheerleaders always cheering for you every small step along the way.

– Ovi


For the last 10 years, We’ve used Passover as a way to reboot our bodies, reconnect to our souls and step into spring feeling renewed.

Now we’re offering you a powerful and do-able program to refresh your Passover and step into habits that will nourish your body and soul.

From Matzah to Mindful will also connect you with a most amazing community of like-minded women who are passionate about creating a soulful and healthy life.

What results will you experience?

In 8 days you will…

  • Reduce your carb cravings
  • Feel more centered
  • Reduce your sugar cravings
  • Access more joy
  • Boost your energy
  • Feel more spiritually connected
  • Have new tools for healthy eating
  • And just plain feel great!

“I started looking at food in a different, more healthful, more soulful way”


Through Matzah to Mindful I started looking at food in a different, more healthful, more soulful way and I now think to myself “Is this the food that I want to comprise MY body?”

– Barbara Libbin


So how does “From Matzah to Mindful” Work?

First we’ll get really practical, and get you eating the most delicious healthy food! Together, we’ll walk away from all the packaged “kosher for Passover” food, and go for the real and true food that’s always kosher!

Next we’ll dive into the powerful and soulful practices that will make your healthy habits stick, and deepen your experience of Passover.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a huge time commitment. We’ve got it structured to really work in a busy life! We’ve got that kind of life ourselves, so we know what you need!

If you have specific questions, or are wondering if this is the right program for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, we want to ensure that Matzah to Mindful is the perfect healthy choice for you.


Here’s what you get with the
Matzah to Mindful Program.

  • 3 Live Group Calls with Karen & Nina
    At the beginning and middle of the program, you’ll have a live class call with us. We’ll guide you through Matzah to Mindful so it’s simple, and not overwhelming. We’ll walk you step by step into a world of delicious whole foods and soulful habits that will have a dramatic impact on your well-being.
    (Value $150)
  • Recorded “Let’s Get Ready” Call
    You’ll have access to this call as soon as you register. It will set the foundation for the program and will give you clear guidelines for what you’ll need to make your experience a total success.
    (Value $60)
  • Daily Practical and Soulful Emails
    These daily inspirational emails walk you each step of the way with fun and ease. They contain the perfect amount of guidance to keep you on track without overwhelming you or taking too much time.  (Value $30)
  • Healthy Passover Cookbook with over 75 Recipes!
    Having healthy variations of traditional dishes (and everyday healthy recipes) at your fingertips takes the guesswork and mystery out of eating healthy. You’ll see that healthy eating can go hand in hand with a busy life. Your Healthy Passover Cookbook includes delicious plant based recipes for every meal, as well as healthy sweets and snacks.  (Value $27)
  • Done-For-You-Shopping List Template
    This program is not just about food, but we know you are looking for clarity about what to eat to best fuel your body and boost your energy and metabolism. You will not only receive guidance about what to eat, but we will share delicious recipes and a done-for-you shopping list that will make it easy for you.
    (Value $20)
  • Flexible Week-long meal plan Template
    If you like a plan, we’ve got you covered. You can follow our meal exactly or you can customize your own. We’ll help you every step of the way.
    (Value $20)
  • Members-Only Online Forum
    On the online forum, you will be able to connect with a community of amazing women who want the same things you do. You will be able to share ideas, ask for support, and get inspired by this amazing community! Karen & Nina will moderate this forum so you’ll get coaching whenever you need it.
    (Value $50)       
  • MP3 Recordings of Each Live Call
    If you cannot make a live call or need to cut out early, no worries! You will have exclusive access to the live recordings, so you can listen or review them at any time on your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player or computer, making it super convenient for you. (If you are like me, you like to listen to audio trainings while on a walk, making dinner, in the car, or at the gym!) You will be able to access recordings from a members-only online library.
    (Value $50)



Because we are am committed to giving you amazing value and everything you need to get make your Passover healthy and meaningful, we’re also including the following valuable bonuses:

BONUS #1 if you register by 6th at midnight EST
You’ll receive all of our Passover Prep done-for-you handouts to help navigate the holiday with ease.
1. Passover food & supplies checklist
2. Passover calendar and to-do list
4. Menu planner
5 Passover master task-list

BONUS #2 if you register by April 6th at midnight EST
Get Organized for Passover workshop with professional organizer Jennifer Zwiebel. Go from overwhelmed and frazzled to relaxed and organized. Jennifer will walk you through how to make Passover prep easy.
(Value $45)

Pinterest – share your recipes board
Some of us are just hooked on Pinterest. You’ll have a special board just for where you can find amazing recipes as well as contribute your own.
(Value $10)

Guided Meditation MP3
You’ll receive a mindful eating guided experience that will nurture and support you on your Matzah to Mindful journey.
(Value $10)



This isn’t a diet, detox or cleanse, this is 8 days of:

  • Eating real and fresh food that is appropriate for Passover
  • Stepping into a mindful experience of eating
  • Exploring the deeper meaning of renewal that lies in Passover
  • Learning mindful techniques that will create inner peace and boost your metabolism (imagine that!)
  • Uncovering the power of eating for a purpose higher than pleasure, energy, or weight loss. When we can connect to food nourishing our deepest self, then much of our food mishegas slips away



Q. How does a virtual program work? Where do I go for the class?

From Matzah to Mindful really works in our busy lives, because you can participate from anywhere. You don’t have to drive or park.

All your classes are on the phone. All your materials and information will be accessible online via a members’ library page, created just for you. And, if you can’t make a class, no need to worry. The classes will all be recorded, and you can listen at your convenience.

Q. Do I need to be Jewish to take this program?

No, you don’t, everyone is welcome to participate in from Matzah to Mindful. However, we will be drawing from the meaning and rituals of Passover. As long as you are comfortable with stepping into a Jewish context, with amazing Jewish women, you are most welcome.

Q. Will this program take a lot of time or work, because I’m already so busy?

Not at all. we specialize in creating powerful healthy programs that are do-able for busy moms. We’ll be giving you shopping lists, recipes and versatile meal plans. Your mindful practices will not only fit into your full life, they will actually give you a more spacious experience of your daily life.

Q. Did you say that we wouldn’t be eating Matzah on Passover? That sounds crazy!  Isn’t matzah an important part of Passover?

Matzah is the original fast food! A bite to eat on the run, right?

From Matzah to Mindful is about slowing down and really taking in nourishment. It’s about stepping out of the enslavement of constantly eating on the run and into the freedom of deep nourishment.

Passover is about breaking free from bondage. As a society, we really are enslaved by the effects of highly processed and chemicalized foods. Our cravings for “sweet and salty” keep us hooked on foods we know are not good for us. Our 8 days together will step you firmly into the joy and liberation of eating beautiful, fresh foods.

We’re giving up matzah for a few reasons:

Unless you are making your own, matzah is not a fresh food. It’s been sitting in that box for a while and has lost whatever vitality It may have once had. It’s made from highly refined flour (often not organic and sometimes genetically modified). It’s not a nutrient-dense food. And, as you may already know – it contributes to constipation.

As important as matzah is symbolically, it doesn’t do good things for your digestion or energy level. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have your symbolic bites of matzah at your seders, but yes, during the program we’ll be letting go of Matzah and all gluten products.

Q. Why are we going gluten free for 8 days?

Many of us are more sensitive to wheat than we’d like to admit, and going gluten-free for 8 days is a great way to feel the impact of letting go of the wheat. We’ve worked with hundreds of women who experience more energy, better digestion, and less brain-fog when they release wheat from their diet. Our own experiences and that of many women is that excess weight starts to slip away when gluten is removed from our diet.

Q. What about the Seders? My family enjoys traditional Seder meals, and I don’t want to be on a special food program when I’m with my whole family, eating our traditional foods.

We hear ya! That’s why we won’t be starting our 8 days until after the second Seder. Our kick-off call is on Thursday, April 10th at noon EST.

Q. I’m not local to you. I live in hometown USA, can I still do the program?

Absolutely! From Matzah to Mindful: 8 days of Soulful Nutrition and Spiritual Renewal can be accessed anywhere in the world! We hope you’ll join us wherever you are!


“The calls and recordings were great- A good balance of mindfulness and structure and personal attention!” 

Symbolically, Passover is one of my favorite holidays. But most years, by day 3 the beauty has worn off and I’m just trudging through another box of matzah. This year, with my participation in the Matzah to Mindful program I was really able to bring a new mindfulness to my practice and enjoy the symbolism for the entire week.

The calls and recordings were great- A good balance of mindfulness and structure and personal attention! I loved the fb group and really appreciated the group encouragement.

I loved the mindfulness and the new way I was able to observe Passover this year :)
What a great way to kick start some healthy habits too!

I was proud of the commitment and mindfulness i was able to bring to making my food choices.

– Lauren Oliver


“The program definitely encouraged me to try new approaches and new foods.” 

The Matzah to Mindful” program is a great jumpstart for people who want to focus on more healthful eating. I was guided on a journey toward greater awareness with a host of techniques — from daily e-tips to group phone calls that allow for greater depth and discussion to a wonderful recipe book. The program definitely encouraged me to try new approaches and new foods. I was also impressed with how technologically easy everything was to access – the sign-up, the calls and access to the information. Thanks!

– Ellen Zimmerman



“Participating is like finally getting into your closet and throwing out what you do not need…” 

Matzah to Mindful was a starting point for me to know what foods would help me truly create a healthy life-style. The eight days of Passover is definitely a perfect place to start.

Participating is like finally getting into your closet and throwing out what you do not need, organizing what you have to keep and then shopping with you and a new group of friends to get what you need to make your closet perfect. The result – clothes that fit and a refresh ness both inside and out that comes from taking care of yourself.

– Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong

Program times/dates

Kick off recording:  You’ll get access the week before we start

Call #1:  Sunday, April 13th, at 8pm Eastern

Call #2: Thursday, April 17th, 11am Eastern

Call #3: Wednesday, April 23rd, 8pm Eastern

Don’t worry, all calls will be recorded so if you have to miss one, you’ll still have access to all the content.

Sounds great, what’s the investment?

We did the math, and all the done-for-you materials, personal support and bonuses you’ll get are worth over $550 – but I’m not going to charge you that.

We want you to be able to walk into the “From Matzah to Mindful: 8 Days of Soulful Nutrition and Spiritual Renewal” with ease.



You’ll get:

  • Group Class Calls with us
  • Daily Inspiration emails
  • An 8-Day Meal Plan with lots of flexibility (this isn’t a diet you have to “stick” to)
  • A Healthy Passover Cookbook
  • An easy-to-follow pathway to feeling healthy and soulful, that you can repeat any time you want.


Our personal guarantee.

Bottom line? We stand behind our work…always. We are are confident that when you join us, you will be beyond thrilled with what you learn and experience. Enroll in “From Matzah to Mindful” and if, after participating fully, (listening to the 3 calls and following 80% of our recommendations), you aren’t satisfied with the value you’ve received, We’ll refund your enrollment fee. Simply email us on Day 8 of the program explaining what you did and what didn’t work for you and we’ll refund your money.


We can’t wait to take you on this delicious healthy and soulful journey!




P.S. Sharing healthy and soulful habits with friends always makes the journey easier and more fun. Imagine having your BFF, sister, mother, neighbor – along for the ride. This program is easy enough for everyone, don’t keep this as your secret, spread the health and invite your friends.